Our software solutions will give you the support you need to deal with network threats.

Improve the security of your organization with our Software Solutions, either to protect your data or to strengthen your company’s network:

Own development

Our tools are based on web technology and developed entirely by our development team. Without relying on resources that belong to third parties.


Presented as valid solutions for the analysis of personal data processing, impact assessment and security breaches, document management based on the RGPD, compliance and many other features.

Secure Environment

Hosted on our servers, protected with information encryption and constant monitoring to prevent attacks. We do not share your information with anyone.

Technical Support

We have a technical support team to answer all questions, queries and offer training to customers, as well as a help center where you can consult information related to tools at any time.


We listen to our users and translate their opinions and improvement proposals to our development team, to adapt the tools to the needs that arise with their own use.

Catalog of Solutions

Data protection software

Complete management tool for the DPD


Tracing on compliance with regulations.


Disaster Recovery Plan for a Society.