Training courses on data protection that will help your company to comply with all current regulations.

From Caberseg we carry out personalized training courses, of any aspect related to information security. The training can be taught through two ways:


Through this channel, face-to-face training sessions will be held at the customer's facilities. The number of sessions and their duration will depend on the content of the course and the needs of the customer.


The online courses will be carried out through a training platform, accessible from the Internet. The only technical requirement is that the computers of the users who are going to take the course have Adobe Flash Player installed and enabled (minimum version 10.0.0). Access to the course is simple and it is intuitive to move through each of the menu options. Access to the platform is done through secure protocol, encrypting the connection.

During the course, the monitors will support users for any questions that may arise.
Of any course that is given, regardless of whether it is face-to-face or online, the following aspects will be available to the client: