The entry of data protection regulations (RGPD and LOPDGDD), has meant the legal obligation to implement and adapt to this regulatory framework, with the peculiarities and difficulties that this entails. However, the implementation of a privacy system should not only be seen from the perspective of the legal obligation, but also from the benefits it can bring to our business.

When we implement this type of system in our organization, we are making an in-depth analysis of all the activities that are carried out on a daily basis, focusing specifically on those that involve the processing of personal data. We must analyze everything involved in this processing, from the people involved, to the applications, documents, collaborating companies and communication channels involved in the activities of each department.



This analysis will make it easier to obtain a very detailed “picture” of how our organization works, allowing us to discover not only the non-compliances that may occur in terms of data protection, but also duplicities of tools and databases, among others, that hinder a more optimized management of our organization and unnecessary expenses.


In the course of this type of project we do not only focus on analyzing the clauses that are necessary for each activity that will compose our privacy system, but also on the digital media and the physical work environment. Through this analysis we will not only establish a legal framework for the processing of personal data that we carry out, but we will also establish the security measures that allow us to reduce the risk of security incidents, as well as procedures that allow an adequate management of all our data, establishing a base of measures that actively collaborate in the defense of our information assets.


The sanctions that may be imposed on us for mismanagement of our resources are not the only thing we should be concerned about. The obligations imposed by the regulations establish a framework of responsibilities that, if not properly managed, may not only involve the imposition of a significant financial penalty, but also expose us to claims from third parties who have been damaged by inadequate management of our privacy system.


Nowadays, the image that potential customers have of our company can make the difference between choosing our services or those of our competitors. We live in a very demanding market, which demands not only a good service, but also guarantees that we do things right.

Confidentiality clauses, data processor contracts, security measures applicable to the services we provide, are some of the legal-technical realities that are increasingly required of anyone who provides a service to a private or public entity, and even if our services are aimed at consumers and users. Through the proper implementation of a privacy system, we will be able to demonstrate compliance and our ongoing commitment to protect not only our reputation as a company, but also that of our customers.

An adequate management of a privacy system is a very positive aspect that, well exposed in the offer of our services, will be able to suppose an improvement in the sales and reliability of our products.

In short, we should not look at the implementation of a regulation only from the perspective of obligation, we all know that compliance is not optional, but it is also an essential part of our company, which will help us reduce risks by improving our security and corporate image.

Cláusulas de confidencialidad, contratos de encargado del tratamiento, medidas de seguridad aplicables a los servicios que prestamos, son algunas de las realidades jurídico-técnicas que cada vez se exigen de forma más evidente a cualquiera que preste un servicio a una entidad privada o pública, e incluso si nuestros servicios están orientados a consumidores y usuarios. A través de la implantación adecuada de un sistema de privacidad, seremos capaces de acreditar el cumplimiento y nuestro constante compromiso de proteger no solo nuestra reputación como empresa, sino también la de nuestros clientes.

Una adecuada gestión de un sistema de privacidad, es un aspecto muy positivo que, bien expuesto en la oferta de nuestros servicios, podrá suponer una mejora en las ventas y la fiabilidad de nuestros productos.

En definitiva, no debemos observar la implantación de una normativa únicamente desde la perspectiva de la obligación, todos sabemos que cumplir no es optativo, pero también es una parte esencial de nuestra empresa, que nos ayudará a reducir riesgos mediante una mejora de nuestra seguridad e imagen corporativa.